Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm

Gazelle Automations’ Lindsay Lee, Justin T. Lee and frequent collaborator and DOP Jeffrey Mackey created an early teaser trailer for the forthcoming Firestorm puppet sci-fi series for Anderson Entertainment. Filmed through main character Nagisa’s point-of-view, the job involved building a section of set for Black Orchid’s base, a controllable detonator prop, Nagisa’s arms, and an alien hand. The teaser was filmed undercranked, allowing the puppet action to be carefully performed and synchronized with the camera’s movement. (And dozens of takes later, everyone was coated in lovely fog machine residue.)

Gazelle Automations also edited and created music for a reel of action tests with the Sam Scott puppet (still sporting a placeholder head).

When the full Sam Scott animatronic puppet (created by Mackinnon & Saunders) was ready, Lindsay was involved in preliminary performance tests, as well as styling his face and hair as seen in the recently released Firestorm Minisode.