Supermarionation Puppet Restoration

Based on techniques learned from Supermarionation puppet experts Barry Davies and Richard Gregory, Lindsay and Justin Lee reworked and restored replica Scott Tracy, Lady Penelope and Brains puppets (originally sculpted by Christine Glanville and Mary Turner for Thunderbirds in 1964) to look as close as possible to their ‘60s counterparts.

The process involved

  • sculpting, moulding and casting new ears

  • restoring facial features lost over the years to over-sanding

  • creating new frames for Brains’ specs from reference material

  • painting, wigging and styling

  • making additional 1/3-scale accessories (sash, shoes, bow tie, etc.)

  • new replica eyes created by Tech-Optics

Scott Tracy, Lady Penelope and Brains are now ready to take on an International Rescue mission!